Frank Vignola

Blues For A Gypsy


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Show Notes
Guitar genius Frank Vignola makes an auspicious Acoustic Disc debut on Blues for a Gypsy (ACD-43). The top ranked, New York-based jazz guitarist who currently performs with both the Mark O'Connor and Les Paul Trios, delves into acoustic solo renditions of gypsy-inspired music.

Displaying his finesse with original compositions "Gypsy Fire," "Gypsy Dreams" and the title track, Vignola pays respect to legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt ("Tears," "Manoir de mes Reves") and performs unique interpretations of compositions by Charlie Parker ("Donna Lee"), Les Paul ("Cryin'") and Erroll Garner ("Misty").

Co-produced by David Grisman, Blues for a Gypsy was captured direct to 2-track analog, mastered with the HDCD process and delivers the exceptional sound quality and musical excellence that has become the hallmark of Acoustic Disc.

"Imagine Django Reinhardt's gypsy guitar flare applied to a Charlie Parker tune or a delta blues, or even the solo violin music of J.S. Bach. Well that's exactly what guitar genius frank Vignola has accomplished in this unique recording - and more. Frank's playing is steeped in the Rheinhardt tradition but, more in mportantly, it's not a prisoner there. His musical outlook is wide and varied, touching upon many jazz traditions, old and less old." - David Grisman


Lot Scott 11/1/2023 7:26:50 AM

"This is simply magical…I would put this in a list of 10 albums I could keep if had to choose 10 albums to take with me into the afterlife!! Love this and the way it makes me feel when I listen, it takes me over and fills every crevice of my mind in such a beautifully wonderful way. I need a miracle everyday and this was mine today!! Thank you Frank Vignola "

MurphQuake 2/9/2022 10:51:22 PM

"Good stuff."


Donna Lee 212


Blues For A Gypsy 260


Tears 281


Cryin' 180


Gypsy Bach 249


By The Fire 25


Laura 127


Fishing With Django 179


Angel Eyes 197


Limehouse Blues 169


Misty 173


Gypsy Dreams 163


Please 167


I Surrender Dear 120


Train Ride 48


Manoir de Mes Reves 403


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