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Bitches Brew

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Shaurya Sircar 6/17/2022 11:09:10 AM

"I couldn't believe when I heard the music of Miles Davis on my Sony Noise cancelling WF-1000XM4 earpods. I was virtually transported to a live concert. Mind-blowing. This site is a treasure trove & a heaven for audiophiles."

Ravindra 1/15/2022 9:24:49 PM

"Mind blowing. Like being there in Miles Davis concert. Audiophile grade. With a touch of 360 deg spatial audio"

Makoto 9/30/2020 6:35:09 PM



Pharaoh's Dance 1204


Bitches Brew 1619


Spanish Key 1052


John McLaughlin 263


Miles Runs the Voodoo Down 841


Sanctuary 656


Feio 709


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