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Show Notes
Acoustic Disc proudly announces the arrival of Old School Freight Train (OSFT) and their exciting debut recording, Run. This dynamic young band from Charlottesville, Virginia, creates an innovative style that is a force to reckon with in the world of contemporary acoustic music. Combining thought-provoking lyrics with captivating melodies, soulful vocals, virtuosic instrumentals and imaginative arrangements, OSFT offers a unique musical experience that speaks far beyond their years.

Old School Freight Train is comprised of the distinctly smooth vocals and songwriting talent of guitarist Jesse Harper, the ecstatic mandolin stylings of Pete Frostic, Ben Krakauer's jazzy 5-string banjo finesse, the poetic fiddling of Nate Leath and backbone upright bass of Darrell Muller. Their synergistic interaction and contagious musical passion has made them the new acoustic band to watch.

Run is produced by Acoustic Disc founder and mandolin master David Grisman, whom upon hearing OSFT was left with quite the first impression: "After forty years of recording acoustic music, itís not very often that a new band catches-and keeps-my attention. Old School Freight Train has done that and more."

The twelve tracks on Run span a broad spectrum of contemporary styles. The pop-driven title track kicks off the disc with a rolling groove and inspired solos that will have heads turning and feet dancing. Harperís introspective vocals shine on "Drama Queen," "Broken Pieces" and crowd favorite "Dance." R&B meets old-time music with their infectious take on Stevie Wonderís "Superstition" and their rendition of the Randy Newman classic "Louisiana 1927" is captivating. "Henry Brown" has natural appeal for bluegrass lovers, as does the rapid fire "Lookee Here." On the instrumental side, OSFT get to show their stuff with the exotic "Tango Chutney," the Celtic flavored anthem "Mr. Parshifís Jig," "Trick Dog," a mando-cello tour de force and "Euridice," a sultry bossa nova which features producer Grisman on mandolin and Joe Craven from Grismanís Quintet on percussion.

Run is a new acoustic work of the highest order that embraces both quality and accessibility. You're destined to like it.

Josh 6/12/2007 7:34:43 AM

"A fresh wind in bluegrass music... great! "


Run 299


Lookee Here 181


Drama Queen 304


Superstition 203


Tango Chutney 343


Broken Pieces 247


Mr. Parshif's Jig 258


Louisiana 1927 221


Trick Dog 325


Henry Brown 201


Euridice 483


Dance 239


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