Dead Ahead Festival

Riviera Maya, MX

Jan 12, 2024

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About Formats
Show Notes

Coach's Notes:
Echo of a Rose - Fast version
I'm Writing A Novel - Father John Misty cover
Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen cover
Breakers Roar featuring Sturgill Simpson on guitar & vocals. First time played.
Tumble - Tumble's instrumental bridge was played as an intro to Vibey Tumble.
Angel Band - Traditional.
Brokedown Palace featuring Bob Weir on guitar and vocals.


EezyTreezy 1/29/2024 4:08:11 AM

"What a show. And sturgill simpson. That voice always gives me goosebumps and makes me feel like everything is gonna be alright. And that Tumble was perfect."

Millie strings 1/25/2024 6:25:44 AM

"Just here for Sturgill Simpson "

Pm 1/25/2024 5:29:08 AM

"Thanks for letting me know i need to see Sturgill live "

Stu covers 1/22/2024 4:11:26 PM

"Yep just here for any and all sturgill covers "

Alburt 1/21/2024 10:08:40 AM

"Breakers Roar… mmm tasty. "


Setlist at Dead Ahead Festival, Riviera Maya, MX on Jan 12, 2024

Set One

Echo of a Rose 312


California Magic 303


I'm Writing a Novel 406


Silver Rising 504


Atlantic City 425


Breakers Roar 231


Tumble 501


Angel Band 247


Madhuvan 631


Brokedown Palace 364


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