Jul 21, 2011

Roger Daltrey

Indigo, London, UK

07/21/11 Indigo, London, UK


Set One

Intro 80


Overture 226


It's A Boy 144


1921 178


Amazing Journey 306


Sparks 127


Eyesight To The Blind 141


Christmas 280


Cousin Kevin 238


The Acid Queen 235


Do You Think It's Alright? 26


Fiddle About 97


Pinball Wizard 190


There's A Doctor 28


Go To The Mirror 228


Tommy, Can You Hear Me? 91


Smash The Mirror 86


Sensation 212


I'm Free 166


Miracle Cure 17


Sally Simpson 290


Welcome 243


Tommy's Holiday Camp 70


We're Not Gonna Take It 546


Intro 73


I Can See For Miles 265


Behind Blue Eyes 265


Days Of Light 314


Gimme A Stone 327


Freedom Ride 272


Real Good Looking Boy 346


Going Mobile 338


Who Are You 400


Pictures Of Lily 231


Tattoo 206


Johnny Cash Medley 514


My Generation 97


Young Man Blues 437


Baba O'Riley 321


band introductions 151


Without Your Love 304


Red Blue And Grey 269


Price for



Show Notes
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  • Roger Daltrey performs The Who's Tommy
  • Frank Simes (guitar), Scott Deavours (drums), Jon Button (Bass), Loren Gold (Keyboards) and, also on guitar, Simon (younger brother of Pete) Townshend
  • For more info, please check out TheWho.com

Reviews for this item

Tony 7/25/2011 3:20:36 PM

"I was at this concert and it has been fantastic! I bought the flac version. The mix is ok and the performance is amazing. Roger voice isn't in top form, but, as always, he sings in a very nice way many of the songs. I think that it's a must have. "

Richard 7/22/2011 2:52:03 AM

"I posted this review on Bowie Wonderworld..Her iit is... Last night I went to the 02 Indigo to see Roger Daltrey and his band. I must admit having seen The Who about 10 times, I was a bit wary about seeing Roger perform without Pete....I needn' have worried... The Indigo is a small 2000 seater club situated within the 02 in London. I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to see The Who perfom there at what must have been theie smallest gig since the 1960's. I had seats in the VIP Kings row, which also gives you access to a very nice bar and lounge area. There is a separate entrence and we were delayed goiung in as Roger was in there at the time. Anyhow, Roger took the stage at about 8.15pm. The show was billed as 'Roger Daltrey performs Tho Who's Tommy'. After anouncing how much his likes this music and there is nothing out there that compares he launched into the opening..Overture...What can I say...It was brillient...the band were brillient. This tour is the first time Tommy has been played (virtually complete)...Only omitting Underture...Songs like Amazing Jouney, Acid Queen, I'm Free were astounding...I've seen The Who play segments of Tommy at shows in the past including a half our set in 1989 but to hear the majestic, loud majesty of Christmas, Cousin Kevin and Eyesight to the Blind was sublime..The 'Listening to you final had everyone on their feet. Ok, that was the first half nailed...As Daltry said, the 2nd half was about having fun. He opened with I Can See for Miles which I hadn't heard live since 1989. Another song I hadn't heard for ages was Pictures of Lily (Brillient...Bowie Connection). Tattoo, while rarely performed live, I had actually seen before a couple of years ago at the same venue. Simon Townshend (Pete's Brother) sang Going Mobile, a song never perforned live by The Who. As Roger said...'God Knows Why'. Other highlights included a brillient version of 'Who Are You' which basically deconstricted the orginal in an amazing way before eventually launching into the traditional version. Baba O Reilly sounded great and had everone jumping around. Daltrey indulges us with a few early compositions for us as well as a Johnny Cash medley which he said he used to sing when he worked at the sheet metel factory with his mates. The show closed with a song from 'McVicar' - Without your Love and finally the untra rare 'Red Blue and Grey which had Roger playing the Ukaleyli (sic?)...with just string keybourds for back up. He said that he had tried to persuade Pete to play this as it was orginally sung by Pete but Pete said that he would look fucking stupid with a Ukileyli...which got a laugh. (forgot to mention YOUNG MAN BLUES---OMG) All in all a wonderfull evening. Roger left the stage at 1105 after nearly 3 Hours...At 67, that aint bad. I have posted a few pics from the show and will upload some footage onto You Tube shortly. Finally, If you really want a treat...log onto www.rogerdaltreylive.com and you can download last nights show (O2 indigo - 21st July).. It is a snip at the price and you will be in for a real treat. USD15.00 for nearly 3 hours of brillient music by a master... Straight from the sound board..Something The Who have been doing for 7 or 8 years for every show they perform. "