Setlist at The Fox Theatre Boulder, CO on Feb 11, 2024

Set One
Hide And Seek 1219
Orch Theme 1047
Another Plan Of Attack 1155
M1 1115
I-man 790
Dino Baby 682
Times Square 652
The Great Abyss 834
Svenghali 394
The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO
Feb 11, 2024

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Setlist at The Fox Theatre Boulder, CO on Feb 11, 2024

Set One
Hide And Seek 1219
Orch Theme 1047
Another Plan Of Attack 1155
M1 1115
I-man 790
Dino Baby 682
Times Square 652
The Great Abyss 834
Svenghali 394

Show Notes

Hide and Seek - FTP, Imogen Heap

Orch Theme - with NFL on FOX Theme Song teases

Another Plan of Attack - with "Hella Good" (No Doubt) samples

M1 - with "BOOM" (Tiësto & Sevenn) samples

I-Man - with "Relax" (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) samples

The Great Abyss - with "Baddadan" (Chase & Status) samples

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Glass 5/6/2024 10:55:49 AM

"Love hearing brownies raspy voice at the end of rock candy. These guys were leaving it all out there every night on this run. "

Big Magnar 4/9/2024 2:39:22 AM

"Loving hide and seek. I'd love to see them bust it out at a DB show. "

BetsiewhatTF 3/14/2024 10:50:43 PM

"This tractor Orch is b4l! Sporty spice and foxy."

H8r of Papercuts 3/11/2024 1:20:52 PM

"Siiiiiick show! Best show of the year! Catch this band while the iron is hot! "

Beam me up, Bisco! 3/11/2024 1:17:52 PM

"Wow! This 2hr and some set is absolutely fire! I mean, does this band even know how friggin good they sound right now?! I mean, I bet most fans (old and new) wouldn’t mind if TractorBeam played out more. For those who don’t get it, I feel sorry for you. Wait, nah!! More dance room for those that are truly BL4! Oh, and the quality of these shows are $$$! To sound and Texan crew, thank you so much for making this sounds as amazing as if we were there! And it’s about time we got some shows without hearing that god awful banchee with her woooos and yeahs! Seriously, makes you feel bad for whoever is dumb enough to court or marry that! Tolerating Vassillos’ woo’ers is all we should have to bear. "

Beam'd Up 2/27/2024 12:28:24 PM

"This is elite drug banding at its best. The Disco Biscuits are #1. Best band in the land."

DNeeds 2/25/2024 11:07:38 AM

"Dear God are they on fire."

Mike Fishbein 2/21/2024 10:43:28 AM

"The No Doubt sample in Another Plan of Attack is lit. "

Jimi Cavaleri 2/20/2024 4:57:02 PM

"Better and better BeamBiscuts is bad ass what a great show Thanks Nugs"

More Please 2/16/2024 10:59:40 AM

"This is some of the best live music I’ve ever listened to"

Makilla Gorilla Man 2/16/2024 10:44:02 AM

"Fire show. Eat some caps and enjoy. Thanks guys "

SIYD 2/14/2024 4:22:43 PM

"Sorry if you don’t and how could you not"

Richard Trickle 2/13/2024 5:18:39 PM

"Ray Jinggg. Heater pack up and down. B4S"

EJ 2/13/2024 3:34:16 PM

"The best TBeam show I've seen live yet. What a fun nonstop dance party at the Fox. Tons of highlights but holy shit that M1. And Abyss>Svenghali!!!...just wish they played the rest if Svenghali. What a show."

Sully 2/13/2024 1:19:13 PM

"The most insane show I’ve ever listened to from these guys, absolute batshit crazy HEEEAAATTTTTTT!! Non stop "

ORCH THEME NFL THEME 2/13/2024 1:11:29 PM

"Been waiting my whole fuckin life for magz to do the Fox sports thing during an orch theme, it's always reminded me of it. Hearing it done like this is everything I've ever wanted"

B4LANCE 2/13/2024 10:01:34 AM


Spaghetti legs 2/13/2024 7:39:51 AM

"This was rather good."

vapingbaby 2/13/2024 5:58:12 AM

"what is there to say other than jesus christ all gas no brakes b4l"

DWB 2/13/2024 4:14:34 AM

"M1 is amazing!"

BiscoPat 2/12/2024 8:43:47 PM

"Unbelievable show. Samples were so good. Tractorbeam never lets you down."

Kelce 2/12/2024 8:28:04 PM

"Greatest day of my life. TB4L NFL4L "

B Rizzle 2/12/2024 6:16:25 PM

"Not even halfway through listening to this show but I can already tell it's the real deal! Gonna build a time machine so I can go back and see this live! B4L baby!!!"

TDADEveryDay 2/12/2024 3:50:43 PM

"The goods"

Fio 2/12/2024 3:23:18 PM

"Hot fire. boys are back"

B4L 2/12/2024 3:00:06 PM

"Holy cannoli this is insanely awesome "

Patndex 2/12/2024 2:56:34 PM

"This is just my educated observation, but this has been what they have been shooting for as far as their tractorbeam sound. A more pure electronic sound trending towards a DJ. Without listening to everything, this seems to be a perfect blend of the old tractorbeam many of us think of (chameleon club 07) and the newer iteration with ableton. This is really cool. Such a clean sound. Allen was on a e-drum kit from what I saw on the live stream. "

Spencer 2/12/2024 2:48:08 PM

"Life changing, more of these shows please!!"

Hunter B4L Biden 2/12/2024 2:26:40 PM

"This is triple stack pink Mitsubishi gas. Going to pump this one on the Bluetooth speaker for the ketahomies in DC while we get gassed up for east coast tour. See y’all in the pit. "

Mark W 2/12/2024 2:14:24 PM

"Unbelievable show. This was my third Tractorbeam show and by far the best. The guys are on fire right now. Still have a smile on my face."

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