Voodoo Dead

Republic NOLA

New Orleans, LA

Apr 30, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1:

01 - Big Railroad Blues

02 - Philadelphia Mambo

03 - Bird Song

04 - Big River

Set 2:

01 - Ophelia

02 - Iko Iko

03 - Dark Star >

04 - The Other One >

05 - Dark Star

06 - Tore Up

07 - Many Rivers To Cross

08 - Shakedown Street

09 - I Shall Be Released

Lineup: Steve Kimock - guitars John Medeski - organ, keys Al Schnier - guitar, vocals John Kimock - drums Reed Mathis - bass, vocals

Special Guest Papa Mali - guitar, vocals (Iko Iko)

Charlie Miller - live sound & recording


Hamiltoe 5/13/2022 5:03:52 PM

"Listening deeper, you can really hear the influence of John Medeski. He’s like the tabla in this arrangement, lurking underneath the surface and laying down the fabric upon which the other musicians can explore. They really let him loose on the I Shall Be Released too. It’s breathtaking. "

Sasha 5/12/2022 10:36:07 AM

"Wish we could have been there in person but this recording is the next best thing. Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us."

Fred 5/10/2022 1:00:40 PM

"I have been anxiously awaiting to hear this show again. It was pure fire! By the way, it is the same Charlie Miller who has lent his talent to so many of the old Grateful Dead, JGB recordings! It was a pleasure to thank him for his gifts to so many of us. "

EggShell 5/10/2022 11:56:11 AM

"Sweet baby Jesus! This sounds amazing!!! Charlie you done did it again!"

Gordo 5/10/2022 9:00:37 AM

"So glad to see these shows on Nugs; was at this high energy show, thanks to Kimock and Co. for bringing the fuego and the deep jams!"


Setlist at Republic NOLA, New Orleans, LA on Apr 30, 2022

Set One

Big Railroad Blues 804


Philadelphia Mambo 1035


Bird Song 1330


Big River 581


Set Two

Ophelia 485


Iko, Iko 627


Dark Star 802


The Other One 689


Dark Star 241


Tore Up 520


Many Rivers To Cross 746


Shakedown Street 1090


I Shall Be Released 583


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