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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • GONE WORLD is the latest release of all original songs from Zeke Fishhead.
    Here's a bit about a few of the GONE WORLD songs from Zeke hisself:
    "SWEET TOUCH is for Mr. Toussaint … I fashioned some of the lyrics out of bits of his lyrics… DANCING ON THE GRAVE OF A SON OF A BITCH is a title I borrowed from a ’70’s book of poetry by Ann Waldman, I’d been wanting to do a song with that title for years and years and I’m happy with the sardonically cheerful result…
    HUNDRED YEAR SOLITUDE was inspired by an interview with A. Woodfox, one of the Angola Three, after his release from prison…he mentioned that he and the 2 friends he was imprisoned with collectively spent about a hundred years in solitary confinement…"
  • All songs were written in 2016 except WHO KNOWS and GO DOWN SWINGING (2013) and DANCING ON THE GRAVE OF A SON OF A BITCH (2015). Those last 2 tunes, along with I GOT A THING FOR YOU & GONE WORLD were all featured in Zeke’s QUINTET NARCOSIS Lagniappe Stage set at the 2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
    Be sure to download the lyrics file as well.
    "...In this Latitude...with my Attitude..."

  • Mastered by Jon Hart


Dancing On The Grave Of A Song Of A Bitch 318


I Got A Thing For You 372


Hypoteneuse 351


Precious Poison 319


Barb Wire Babs 355


Bitter Road 355


Who Knows 303


Hundred Year Solitude 335


The Duke Of Burgundy 347


Sweet Touch 302


Go Down Swinging 354


Maggie Got A Firebird/Gone World 463


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