Zeke Fishhead (Ed Volker)

One Red Spiral


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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • From 1972 to 1980 I lived at Waldo Dr. in the lakefront area of New Orleans, right by the UNO campus. In 1977 I surveyed all the lyrics I‘d written up to that point (that winds and roads hadn’t purloined) and compiled the most memorable in a large spiral notebook with a red plastic cover. All but one of the tunes in ONE RED SPIRAL is from the ‘70’s. For quite a few of these lyrics there was no audio record, but memory with the help of imagination (sisters, after all) helped in the reclamation. Some were recrafted and some left alone – just brought to a more sonic, articulated light. Of the many musicians who visited, jammed, and lived at Waldo, none had a deeper effect on me than Clark Vreeland – his impish nature daunted me and his fearless artistry inspired me. Those were times of wide horizons, the nights were like mothering dark oceans of spirit, adventure, and not a little mystery.

    I’m fortunate to have been blessed now with these long, open post-Rads days when I can get to know some of the other songs I once was, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of these twisty back roads in the future. And as a friend told me in an old dream: “It’s one thing to flog, it’s another to gloat.” 

    -Ed Volker (November 2016)

  • Mastered by Jon Hart


You MIght Be From The Great Unknow But You've Still Got A Heat Of Stone 234


What Are The Chances? 197


Silver Spoon #2 257


Don't Leave Me All Alone 247


Get The Message Before The Message Gets You 314


I'm Having Trouble With The Law 368


Light In The Window 267


Welcome To The Negative Zone 282


Sweet Memories 329


Roll Your Own 288


Went To See Your Lizard 502


Mandala On The Wall 307


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