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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

DEFUNCT began 2 years ago and was complete but a need to address timely bureaucratic registration issues for some older and some newer tunes lead me to shelve it for a little while that turned into a longer while….perhaps there was some feeling of confliction behind my mind, too -I was trying to get at some grooves and feelings of …what? Release? Relief? by addressing avenues of various afflictions that were rampant in current worlds (near and far) …Does too much poison rub off when you’re dealing with toxic matters? Humor can be a great rescue hound, but not everybody always gets it and then you’re stranded up in the Alps with no St. Bernard in sight bringing his little barrel of resuscitating beverage …SCINTILLATING NIGHT is about the soulful essence of this town here being more than the lost people and neighborhoods washed away or the rich claim jumpers flocking here these days-the essence will stand no matter the old losses and the new schemes(it’s a touch of a different kind) …ITCHY FINGERS is speaking to the contagion of violence and finding a spot when the momentum of rage is about to cascade into action and slowing it down with an energy that comes from the paradoxical admixture of submission and will…why let yourself be spun by the onslaught of viruses today when you can do your own spinning and learn to love your misery? Everybody’s alone, yet-because it’s everybody, then….voila! You’re not alone… the sharp kitten said in my dream the other night: “I may not get what I want but I want what I get” ……

-Zeke  (July 24, 2017)



Defunct 344


Scintillating Night 408


Skullbox 269


Itchy Fingers 400


Pitchfork Lullaby 264


She's Got Heart 316


White Chicken Bone 223


Colony Collapse 311


Do Like Sophie Do 255


Broken Magic 341


A Trippy Farewell 279


A Defunct Reprisal 164


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