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About Formats
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The command given to Orpheus, before he mananged to make his way into the underworld and was escorting his wife, Eurydice, by the hand, back to the land of the living, was that, in this endeavor, he not look back at Eurydice, until they had reached higher ground. Well, Orpheus, great joy and love overruled his reason and he gazed back on Eurydice and in that instant he lost her forever, she was taken back to the underworld of shadows and shades...thus was Hanging Man born, my tuneful travail of love, sacrifice, and failure, in which the poet is left with only time, death, and longing as his only companions...somehow music manages to harmonize these tragic occurences, even sweetens them in an uncanny way, so it's not exactly victory we snatch from our defeats, but, by singing out our defeat, some obscure but necessary victory is claimed by the heart.

amor fati

Lex Luther 10/23/2007 7:45:22 AM

"Ed Volker aka Zeke Fishhead. Hanging Man. cd review. Often it is the contrarian inside each of us that elicits our greatest work. Ed Volker, bandleader Of the New Orleans - based tour monster known as The Radiators, takes the road less traveled to deliver thirteen delicious tracks of his homeade funk bisquiits. The album is called, The Hanging Man, by Zeke Fishhead. It Includes original cover art by Ed Volker and a trainload of intense, original tunes that you have never heard before. The title track, Hanging Man,, is a funky, user-friendly excursion to define the undefinable. "You do what you will. I`ll do what I want. Do you understand ? Im the Hanging Man." Making no bones about it, Zeke Fishhead Is steadfast in his suspicion of anything land-based. "You do what you can. I`ll do what I can`t, Shifting like the sand, Hangiing Man.." Look out MTV, here comes Zeke Fishhead. Blood On The Mirror has a distincly pop feel akin to finest offerings from the Human League, Simple Minds or even Oingo Boingo. "Blood on the mirror. Tears on the screen. When we wake up, it`ll all be a dream." Whether or not you want to see Zeke Fishhead on TRL, this is Ed Volker stretching his musical definitions and doing an insanely good job of it. But relax Fishhead Nation, it`s the only pop song I detected, and it`s awesome. On The Great Iron Chair is Zeke Fishead at his finest. A great tale to tell and a grand piano to help tell it. "The clouds part. It`s spring again. The squirrells gamble with a will.l Birds sing in the branches, free with ease, above the house where time stands still." The feel is classical. The emotion is elegant. The song is all Zeke. "Some blows in life, are just too cold and hard. The angels took him long ago, still she sits on the great iron chair." Again, this is a fine musician really flexxing his muscles and displaying a mastery of his craft that will make your jaw drop. Spooky, enchanting, with a steady backbeat, cascading guitars and organs, Help Me is a track that draws the listener in and captures them. "All those nights I got in fights, what was I trying to prove ? But I exist to resist, anyting that won`t let me move." Help Me, in my opinion, as is as close as you will get to a Radiators` song on Hanging Man. It has that bop-your-head greasiness the Rads are known for. All in all, Hangin Man is a departure from the Zeke Fishhead that live music fans have come to know as the main songwriter for the ferocious, guitar - driven Radiators. However, this is most definitely Fish Head Music. The Hanging Man is a collection of music that will make you feel lucky just to hear it. Stellar in quality, impeccably unique and inpired, Zeke Fishhead has brought something to the table that everyone should appreciate, regardless of what your definition of great music happens to be. Gregory Harrison Gunther (Lex)"


whistler 111


the hanging man 279


bed of nails 89


blood on the mirror 218


golden chain 127


on the great iron chair 220


bed of roses 234


Inferno 390


Creep 57


to bring you back 272


help me 384


Sing Me A River 292


back to the world 150


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