Zeke Fishhead (Ed Volker)

Lost Radio Hour


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Show Notes

  • Recorded live 12/21/1993 at the Riverview Supper Club, Minneapolis
  • ED VOLKER: Baby grand, Vocals
    PETER OSTROUSHKO: Violin, Mandolin
    MICK LaBRIOLA: Congas, percussion
  • Beyond capturing some glimmer of a magical evening, this disc presents a few more gems and pearls from the prolific works of the Radiators own Ed Volker.  Two outstanding Minneapolis based musicians lent their talents to this project. Peter Ostroushko has performed with everyone from the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood to the Radiators.  He has numerous recorded works and is featured on many Red House Records.  Mick LaBriola performs worldwide with Flamenco groups, a Sephardic ensemble, and particularly with Caribbean, Arabic and Eastern European music.




sk 7/28/2009 9:07:23 AM

"What a collection of Zeke tunes performed by a world class trio in Minneapolis on a December night in 1993! Songs like Rainbow Road, Harmony, Memories of My Father & Connection are true Ed Volker gems that scream to be re-discovered by even the most hardcore Rads fan. Marry those with fan favorites like Grief Snafu, Payday and Girl with the Golden Eyes and this is one that needs to be in every Fishhead library."


Back To Loveland 309


Dancing Leaves 255


Grief SNAFU 650


You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond 474


Rainbow Road 326


Harmony 295


Memories of My Father 370


Payday 426


Connection 440


Girl With The Golden Eyes 706


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