Zeke Fishhead (Ed Volker)

Preservatives Volume 02 - Love In The Ruins


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Directly from the man, the mythical mystical legend, the captain of all with de fish in de head... into your earholes and beyond:
LOVE IN THE RUINS is a compilation of tunes I originally wrote between March of 1983 and February of 1984. I'd begun a grand attempt at  assembling a chronological catalog of all my song writings some years ago, making fresh copies of sound
recordings along the way, along with the relevant lyrics. Occasionally I was inspired to record new versions of a few here and there. But it wasn't until I'd retired from roadwork with the Rads that I felt I had the time to pursue a more immersive engagement with some of the more inspiring material. Until the late '80's, most of my songwriting was accomplished in energetic bursts, and, unless the tunes were used by the Rads, they just sat in limbo. And, so now having the time to attend to the more worthy pieces, I'm helping them see the light of day...
...three of the tuna in this set were, in fact, briefly learnt and performed by the Rads: BIRD IN THE HAND, ALL THE GOOD ONES, and TIGER. In revisiting these tunes, I spent considerable time with each one,letting them play in my head on long walks on the bayou or sometimes when I'd wake in the middle of the night, thereby lavishing on them the care and attention they were denied in my youthful haste. I added musical bridges and instrumental passages...in the instance of BIRD IN THE HAND, I jettisoned the verse lyrics entirely, shooting for earthier reflections of what the chorus points to - "You gotta walk it like you talk it." While I think I've deepened and matured as a writer, the younger, simpler, and more energetic place these songs originally came out of has come to be an inspiration and a goad to the older, slower, crankier "me" of today...
-Zeke Fishhead (12/12/2012)



fool's game 259


settle me down easy 266


bird in the hand, two in the bush 357


the gypsy rose 291


all the good ones 330


get back to the root 402


the breaks of the game 404


welcome to the pleasure dome 330


tiger 271


the agent 413


down to the nickel and dime 260


love in the ruins 369


the moon is a maid 224


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