Assembly of Dust

Strange Creek Festival

Greenfield, MA

May 22, 2009

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Show Notes

Disk 2 with Nate Wilson Disk 2 with Nate Wilson


Great show - good Nate showing 8/25/2009 11:48:34 AM

"This is a fine show that exhibits AOD stretching and getting compfrtable in their new tunes peppered throughout the first set. the second set is more standards thanks to the joining of old sideman Nate Wilson. A couple of observations: 1. Tavern Walker is cut - this is sad since it's a jammy wammy type of funked out groove. That said Truck Farm and Cabin John are suitable recompense. 2. Nate is not out in front as much as he was when he was full-time with the band. I think a supporting keys role is still a great add to the mix for AOD, but a another chief in the solos department is not necessary at this point. The songs have been rearranged. The thickening of the musical proposition of AOD with keys is definitely a good thing though. 3. Heartblood is emerging nicely. This tune has a Dancin' in the Streets type vibe and is congealing into a nice jam vehicle for the band. it's a nice counterpoint to some of the singer/songwriter stuff. "


Setlist at Strange Creek Festival, Greenfield, MA on May 22, 2009

Set One

Arc Of The Sun 347


Rachel 314


Man With A Plan 368


Pedal Down 295


Poland 899


Second Song 447


Heartblood 496


Truck Farm 401


Tavern Walker 602


Love Junkie 361


Cabin John 811


Crest Of My Wing 538


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