David Bowie


Amsterdam, NL

Jun 10, 1997

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Show Notes

LIVEANDWELL.COM is a 12-track live album, recorded in New York, Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro and at the UK’s Phoenix festival during the 1997 Earthling tour. All tracks have only been available on the very limited BowieNet release while the two bonus tracks, "Pallas Athena" and "V-2 Schneider" were released as a 12” single under the name The Tao Jones Index, which was the name Bowie and his band used when they played unannounced special sets in dance tents at festivals.

‘I’m Afraid Of Americans’ (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997)

‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’ (Long Marston, Phoenix Festival, July 18, 1997)

‘I’m Deranged’ (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)

‘Hallo Spaceboy’ (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2, 1997)

‘Telling Lies’ (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)

‘The Motel’ (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)

‘The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)’ (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2, 1997)

‘Battle for Britain (The Letter)’ (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997)

‘Seven Years In Tibet’ (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997)

‘Pallas Athena’ (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)

‘V-2 Schneider’ (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)



Setlist at Paridiso, Amsterdam, NL on Jun 10, 1997

Set One

I’m Afraid Of Americans 319


The Hearts Filthy Lesson 334


I’m Deranged 427


Hallo Spaceboy 317


Telling Lies 320


The Motel 345


The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction 349


Battle for Britain (The Letter) 275


Seven Years In Tibet 380


Little Wonder 371


Pallas Athena 522


V-2 Schneider 411


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