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About Formats
Show Notes

In their first recording project in 15 years, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead and David Grisman, the father of Dawg Music, team up for an all acoustic excursion into the far corners of American music. From Irving Berlin's "Russian Lullaby" and B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone" to a brand new tune appropriately entitled "Grateful Dawg," this self-titled collaboration is, as one critic put it, "irresistible." It won a Bay Area Music Award for independent record of the year, a Grammy nomination in the category of contemporary folk and the hearts of Deadheads and Dawgheads alike.

Longtime friends, Garcia and Grisman first met in the early '60s at a bluegrass festival on the east coast. In 1970, Grisman laid down mandolin tracks on the Grateful Dead's landmark album American Beauty. A few years later, they joined forces again to form the short-lived, ever-popular bluegrass band Old and in the Way. The two renewed their friendship in 1990 and decided to record something for Grisman's independent label. Garcia/ Grisman is the first acoustic-only recording of Jerry's long career.

Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
David Grisman - mandolin
Jim Kerwin - bass / Joe Craven - percussion, fiddle

Produced by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
Recorded by Dave Dennison at Dawg Studios
Remastered in Dawg Studios by David Grisman
Alternate Version Produced and mixed by David Grisman
Executive Producer - Craig Miller
Cover Design - Dave Moretti
Photography - Gary Nichols


urs 8/22/2012 12:35:46 AM

"I never thought the sound improvement would be so great, even trough my computer output, thats a great thing, and most of all for a music i'm in love with since 30 years! Thanks DAWG!"


The Thrill Is Gone 282


Grateful Dawg 219


Two Soldiers 262


Friend Of The Devil 424


Russian Lullaby 252


Dawg's Waltz 272


Walkin' Boss 277


Rockin' Chair 484


Arabia 983


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