Jerry Garcia

Jerry Jams for Rex: Vol. II


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About Formats
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Jerry Jams for Rex II

We know you loved Jerry Jams for Rex, which included some of the sweetest tunes ever collected, and for such a great cause… Well, good news!

With Jerry Jams for Rex II, stellar musicians honor Jerry Garcia’s continuing musical and community contributions with generous contributions of noteworthy live performances of Jerry Garcia songs to benefit the Rex Foundation.  This tasteful compilation provides a rich musical experience for enjoyment of long-time favorites.  All proceeds are a contribution to Rex.

Furthering what Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead started 27 years ago, the Rex Foundation endeavors to fund grassroots programs that are often under the radar of larger funding entities, yet work in bold, innovative ways to carry out essential work toward a healthy environment, promotion of the arts, protection of indigenous cultures, assisting others less fortunate, building strong communities, and educating children and adults.  The Rex Foundation has distributed just about $8.7 million in grants to over 1,000 programs across the U.S. and internationally, while also carrying out fundraising initiatives that foster creativity and positive community connections. 

Jerry Jams for Rex II is possible because of the sterling contributions of music, resources and know-how of the participating artists and people involved in the initiative. The Rex Foundation extends its heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the generosity of spirit and action of the people involved in creating Jerry Jams for Rex II, as well as to all the people who purchase the compilation. Together, we honor Jerry Garcia and demonstrate the positive power of music and community spirit.




1.      STS9 – Shakedown Street
(6/3/2011 – Ozark, AR)

2.      Railroad Earth – The Wheel
(12/31/2010 – Denver, CO)

3.      Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Brown-Eyed Women
(6/26/2011 – San Francisco, CA)

4.      Widespread Panic – Fire On The Mountain
(2/10/2011 – Athens, GA)

5.      New Monsoon with Steve Kimock and Tim Carbone – Mission In The Rain
(5/13/2006 – San Francisco, CA)

6.      Umphrey’s McGee – Crazy Fingers
(9/01/2008 – Boulder, CO)

7.      Yonder Mountain String Band – Althea
(7/23/2011 – North Plains, OR)

8.      The String Cheese Incident – Deal
(8/06/2004 – Terra Alta, WV)

9.      Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers – Standing on the Moon>Halcyon Days
(11/09/2009 – Richmond, VA)

10.  Dark Star Orchestra – St. Stephen
(5/09/2011 – Burlington, VT)

11.  ALO – They Love Each Other *
(5/28/2006 - Santa Rosa, CA)

* Bonus download only track, not on the CD



  • Matt Butler, Everyone Orchestra and Rex Foundation Board Member
  • Bruce Colfin, The Firm
  • Rob Helmstetter, Graphic Artist, Foundations Design
  • Matt Hogan, SCI Fidelity Records
  • Ice Nine Publishing
  • Brad Gregory Serling,
  • Micah Gordon,
  • The Jerry Garcia Family Estate


The Rex Foundation would like to thank:

  • Eric Pirritt and STS9
  • Brian Ross and Railroad Earth
  • Greg Cimino, Amy Finkle, and The Chris Robinson Brotherhood
  • Buck Williams and the Widespread Panic family
  • Bo Carper, Gary Hartman, and New Monsoon
  • Jennifer and Steve Kimock
  • Kevin Browning and Umphrey's McGee
  • Gregg Friedman, Ben Hines, and Yonder Mountain String Band
  • Matt Hogan, SCI Fidelity Records, and The String Cheese Incident
  • Bruce Hornsby, Wayne Pooley, and Marc Allan
  • Tim Walther and Dark Star Orchestra
  • Jenna Lebowitz and ALO
  • And, of course, Jerry.



Thanks Allman 12/7/2023 11:23:22 AM

"Great find. Funkyyyy Shakedown"


Shakedown Street 314


The Wheel 723


Brown-Eyed Women 328


Fire On The Mountain 646


Mission In The Rain 415


Crazy Fingers 109


Althea 372


Deal 308


Standing on the Moon 640


St. Stephen 500


They Love Each Other 719


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