Club Nostradamus

Philadelphia, PA

Jun 7, 2002

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

I: Spiraling Line of Light, Sift, Sid, Sunrain

II: It's All Clear To Me Now, Umbilical Moonrise, Intro to a Cell, Suspended Reason, Floating Amidst

  • Aud recording, re-mastered by Jesse Miller

Days after Luke and myself graduated from college we packed up our unreliable band van and drove out to Philadelphia to try to launch a touring rock band. The van was so weighed down we blew out 3 tires on the way out east. As you can see we had no money, a lot of unnecessary hair, overly baggy clothes and a youthful sense of optimism. This was the very first show in Philadelphia we played, in the basement of what is now a bar called St. Stephen's Green. A space called Club Nostradamus. As we approach our 20th year as a band I'm looking back through our archive to unearth live recordings that are not available online and shed some light on our evolution. - Jesse Miller


Llamador11 2/5/2023 4:49:56 PM

"Non stop groove fest "


Setlist at Club Nostradamus, Philadelphia, PA on Jun 7, 2002

Set One

Spiraling Line of Light 958


Sift 1242


Sid 1053


Sunrain 662


Set Two

It's All Clear to Me Now 1150


Umbilical Moonrise 961


Intro to a Cell 999


Suspended Reason 1138


Floating Amidst 611


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