Pink Floyd

The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story

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Zork Winklestein 7/27/2022 12:10:55 AM

"This story has always been a haunting one….Some of their best work was on the album Wish You Were Here, which is inspired by Syd and his condition but the album was also a great collaboration between Roger Waters and David Gilmour. Think about it; their most radio played songs are also their most collaborative efforts——-Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here are probably the most popular songs and were written by two people who hate each other. What’s truly baffling is that they are both healthy and musically active yet, even as senior citizens, they are stilling bickering to this day. We (the fans) have literally made them millions…. Pink Floyd is one of the very few bands where the main creative members are still living….even though Rick Wright had a huge influence on their over all sound - technically Pink Floyd could do one more record if Gilmour and Waters could get over themselves. If Waters and Gilmour collaborated on a new album it would be 100% Pink Floyd. But alas, two grown ass men are still arguing like little school girls when they could instead swallow their pride and give back to the world which gave so much to them. DO IT FOR YOUR FANS DO IT FOR SYD! "


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