Club Nostradamus

Philadelphia, PA

Jun 7, 2002

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

I: Spiraling Line of Light, Sift, Sid, Sunrain

II: It's All Clear To Me Now, Umbilical Moonrise, Intro to a Cell, Suspended Reason, Floating Amidst

  • Aud recording, re-mastered by Jesse Miller

Days after Luke and myself graduated from college we packed up our unreliable band van and drove out to Philadelphia to try to launch a touring rock band. The van was so weighed down we blew out 3 tires on the way out east. As you can see we had no money, a lot of unnecessary hair, overly baggy clothes and a youthful sense of optimism. This was the very first show in Philadelphia we played, in the basement of what is now a bar called St. Stephen's Green. A space called Club Nostradamus. As we approach our 20th year as a band I'm looking back through our archive to unearth live recordings that are not available online and shed some light on our evolution. - Jesse Miller


Llamador11 2/5/2023 4:49:56 PM

"Non stop groove fest "


Setlist at Club Nostradamus, Philadelphia, PA on Jun 7, 2002

Set One

Spiraling Line of Light 958


Sift 1242


Sid 1053


Sunrain 662


  • $0.99

Set Two

It's All Clear to Me Now 1150


Umbilical Moonrise 961


Intro to a Cell 999


Suspended Reason 1138


Floating Amidst 611


  • $0.99

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