Dave Matthews Caravan Festival

Atlantic City, NJ

Jun 24, 2011

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Hammerstrike, The Surf, Golden Ghost, Bellwether, Sunrain, Bush Pilot, Marisol, Spiritualize


Dan D 7/29/2011 8:45:49 AM

"Another amazing set from Lotus. Kicked off the whole Caravan festival right and was one of the 3 best performances of the whole weekend. Not many people were at the stage since the Flaming Lips were on at the same time. Made it super intimate and was able to get right up front. Highlights were The Surf, Bellwether and the closure with Spiritualize. Only complaint is I wish they were able to play longer, little on the short side, but I'm a massive fan so I never can get enough."


Setlist at Dave Matthews Caravan Festival, Atlantic City, NJ on Jun 24, 2011

Set One

Hammerstrike 558


  • $0.99
Banter 23


  • $0.99
The Surf 384


  • $0.99
Golden Ghost 315


  • $0.99
Bellwether 613


  • $0.99
Sunrain 484


  • $0.99
Bush Pilot 428


  • $0.99
Marisol 398


  • $0.99
Spiritualize 763


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