Elements Music and Arts Festival

Long Pond, PA

Aug 11, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Photo - Andrew Hutchins, multi-track mix - Jesse Miller


Blue 9/13/2023 6:59:24 AM

"We were cold and anxious on the first night, so we hurried over to the Earth stage to enjoy lotus and warm up in the crowd.... but then we saw a colorful glowing dome, full of stuffed animals and people with happy faces with inviting hands. Popped off our shoes and hopped into simon the turtle car and enjoyed the show from in there with our new friends. Amazing experience, such a special moment to me ??"


Setlist at Elements Music and Arts Festival, Long Pond, PA on Aug 11, 2023

Set One

Inspector Norse 716


Spiritualize 901


Tar Pits 645


Lead Pipe 807


Greet the Mind 564


Eats the Light 603


Gilded Age 340


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