Majestic Theatre

Madison, WI

Feb 14, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

I: Intro to a Cell, Expired Slang > You Should Be Dancing > Ambient Modular Improv > Greet the Mind, Basin to Benin, 72 Hrs Awake

II: Pluck > Its All Clear to Me Now > Slow Cookin’ > Sid > Hammerstrike, Bellwether

E: Land of the Lush

Photo DeWook, multi-track mix Jesse Miller


Joe 3/14/2023 8:49:21 AM

"This was my 1st Lotus show, and it did not disappoint. Really wish I would have gotten into these guys sooner. Will definitely be seeing them whenever I can in the future."

Harley R. 2/19/2023 7:42:08 AM

"Lotus has been on another level lately. Every song is fantastic and they have great energy for a Tuesday night. They always throw down hard in Wisconsin and everyone was feeling that energy. Me and my buddy got to meet Jesse, Luke, Tim, and Chuck at this show and they were literally the nicest guys! They signed their new album Bloom & Recede and a hat for us! Can't wait to see them again! One of the best Lotus shows I've ever been to!"

Chuck B 2/18/2023 11:57:50 AM

"This was such a phenomenal show to be at. The Surf Jam is exceptional and the encore will warm your heart. "


Setlist at Majestic Theatre, Madison, WI on Feb 14, 2023

Set One

Intro to a Cell 780


Expired Slang 918


You Should Be Dancing 512


Ambient Modular Improv 390


Greet the Mind 626


Basin To Benin 409


72 Hrs Awake 299


Set Two

Pluck 985


It's All Clear to Me Now 943


Slow Cookin' 597


Sid 694


Hammerstrike 632


Bellwether 715



Land of the Lush 529


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