Metamorphose Festival

Shizuoka, JP

Sep 5, 2009

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About Formats
Show Notes

Bellwether*, Tip of the Tongue, Tarasque, Flower Sermon, Disappear in a Blood-Red Sky, 128, Greet the Mind, Spiritualize, Sunrain

* first 5 minutes cut off

After 2 days kind of adjusting to the new time zone we we were totally thrown off again by playing at 4 in the morning.  We came on right after minimal techno legend Richie Hawtin.  The main stage, which we were playing on, sat at the end of a straight race track in the mountains on the beautiful peninsula of Shizouka.  The crowd area was packed with at least 7,000 Japanese electronic music fans.  The festival crew was the best I've ever seen and change over only took 30 minutes of the scheduled 40, which is typically an impossibility in the states.  The sun was up for the last song and a half.  But we had to take off, straight to the next show to load in.  No rest in the land of the rising sun.

128 was the jam of the show in my opinion, getting into some great new spaces. - Luke

  • photos by Mike Greenfield and Doug Allsop
  • Lotus played from 4 am until sunrise, show technically took place on 9.6.09
  • other artists included Richie Hawtin, Tangerine Dream, and Bill Laswell with Bernie Worrell, DJ Krush, and Guy Licata


Setlist at Metamorphose Festival, Shizuoka, JP on Sep 5, 2009

Set One

Bellwether 229


Tip Of The Tongue 724


Banter 18


Dowrn 238


Flower Sermon 1002


Disappear in a Blood-Red Sky 256


128 695


Greet The Mind 545


Spiritualize 856


Sunrain 467


Banter 18


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