Copy Paste Repeat: Lotus Remixed


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About Formats
Show Notes

Copy Paste Repeat: Lotus Remixed

1. Tip of the Tongue (DJ Harry Remix)
2. Bubonic Tonic (Juan Maclean Remix)
3. When H Binds to O (Oxidation Mix) by J. Tonal
4. Suitcases (Scottie B Remix)
5. Tip of the Tongue (J. Miller Remix)
6. Livingston Storm (J. Miller Remix)
7. When H Binds to O (Hydronium Mix) by Skytree
8. Tip of the Dub (Telepath Remix)
9. Suitcases (Another Sandwich? Mix) by J. Miller
10. Travel (The Airport Mix) by Marc Cazorla
11. Greet the Mind (Memphis Mix) by Alex Botwin of Pnuma Trio
12. Bubonic Tonic (Lymbyc Systym Remix)

Produced by Jesse Miller and Luke Miller. Design by Carl Bender. Mastered by Peter Humphries at Masterwork Recording. All tracks published by Lotus Vibes Music (ASCAP) unless otherwise noted.  TIP OF THE TOUNGE (DJ HARRY REMIX).  (Anitbus-J.Miller) djharry.net Published by DJ Harry (BMI) Lotus Vibes Music.  BUBONIC TONIC (JUAN MACLEAN REMIX) (Maclean-L.Miller-J.Miller) thejuanmaclean.com Future Will Come Publishing (ASCAP) Lotus Vibes Music. WHEN H BINDS TO O (OXIDATION MIX). (Wareham/J.Miller) jtonal.com lowproloung.com Published by Lowpro Lounge Recordings (ASCAP) Lotus Vibes Music. SUITCASES (SCOTTIE B REMIX) (Schilling-J. Miller) dankfunk.com Published by Blunted Brooklyn Publishing (ASCAP) Lotus Vibes Music (ASCAP). TIP OF THE TOUNGE (J.MILLER REMIX). (J.Miller). LIVINGSTON STORM (J. MILLER REMIX) (L.Miller-J.Miller) (ASCAP). WHEN H BINDS TO O (HYDRONIUM MIX) (Synder-Miller) skytree-music.com. TIP OF THE DUB (Christie-J.Miller) telepathmusic.com Published by Echo Project Music (BMI) Lotus Vibes Music. SUITCASES (ANOTHER SANDWICH?) (J. Miller). TRAVEL (THE AIRPORT MIX) (Cazorla-J.Miller) Additional vocals: Elizabeth Fraines thefrequencymusic.net Published by Sacred Ape Music (ASCAP) Lotus Vibes Music. GREET THE MIND (MEMPHIS MIX) (Botwin-L.Miller) pnumatrio.com Published by Mad Blunted Music (ASCAP) Lotus Vibes Music. BUBONIC TONIC (LYMBYC SYSTYM REMIX) (M. Bell-J.Bell-L.Miller-J.Miller) lymbycsystym.com

Óè 2007 Lotus Vibes Music.  All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. 




Tip of the Tongue (Broken Mix by DJ Harry) 411


Bubonic Tonic (Juan MacLean Remix) 425


When H Binds to O (Oxidation Mix by J. Tonal) 261


Suitcases 354


Tip of the Tongue (J. Miller Remix) 305


Livingston Storm (J. Miller Remix) 390


When H Binds to O ( Hydronium Mix by Skytree) 335


Tip of the Dub (Telepath Remix) 269


Suitcases (Another Sandwich? Mix by J. Miller) 314


Travel (The Airport Mix by Marc Cazorla) 404


Greet the Mind (Memphis Mix by Alex B) 245


Bubonic Tonic (Lymbyc Systym Remix) 251


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