Feb 9, 2002


Munchie's Emporium, Fort Wayne, IN

02/09/02 Munchie's Emporium, Fort Wayne, IN


Set One

Moss Shoes 987


In the Bliss 1042


It's All Clear to Me Now 1078


L'immeuble 853


Floating Amidst 726


Nematode 949


Spiraling Line of Light 677


Sunrain 1556


Continuum 747


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Munchie’s Emporium - Fort Wayne, IN

I: Moss Shoes, In the Bliss > It’s All Clear to Me Now, L’immeuble

II: Floating Amidst, Nematode, Spiraling Line of Light, Sunrain > Continuum

We were based in Indiana during this time as a few of us were finishing up at Goshen College. Munchie’s was a restaurant in Fort Wayne that had a small stage in the corner. There couldn’t have been more than 25 people in attendance as I remember it. The band was far from tight, but the rawness of the improvisation and experimentation with effects pedals and electronic percussion in service of long, atmospheric jams has a certain charm and made this a popular early recording on Archive.org. I remastered from the original soundboard 2-track recording to bring back some clarity, clean up noise and even out the levels overall. - Jesse Miller

Reviews for this item

Shureem33 1/6/2021 10:47:46 AM

"This Sunrain is a masterpiece!! Whole show worth a listen but definitely don’t miss sunrain "

beepy 10/6/2020 3:10:54 PM

"If you look up Lotus in Webster’s dictionary you will find it says “Lotus- Munchies 02 Sunrain”. Sunrain a were never the same after that. Arguably the greatest jam they have ever done. I want whatever the band was on this night because it doesn’t get much better than this, from any band. Thank you and goodnight."