Northstar Bar

Philadelphia, PA

Jan 28, 2005

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About Formats
Show Notes



Northstar Bar - Philadelphia, PA


I: 2-Step Improvisation > Arupa, Something You Said > Fulafre, Greet the Mind, Mellow Rock IDM, Shimmer and Out (intro tease) > Flower Sermon

II: Jack it Up > Did Fatt, Music for Mallets Winds and Percussion, Through the Mirror, Improvisation at 136bpm > Nematode


This is not a great recording. It is maybe not even a good recording. But, I wanted to highlight this show because I think it is an interesting one. Over the years Lotus has used a number of special sets to experiment with different styles and  performance techniques. These include the 2.22.2010 Post-Rock set, 10.29.2016 Space Disco set, 8.31.2019 Modular set and the 5-Petals all-improvisational sets. This one went down on Jan. 28, 2005 at Northstar Bar - a small rock club in Philly that packed about 250 into a narrow hall with a small balcony. We called it “Loops, Improvs and Experiments” and tried out all kinds of things from electronica loops from my Zip-Disk driven sampler to a West African all-drum piece to a minimalist composition I wrote in college. The crowd (as is clearly heard in the recording) is quite inebriated, but seems to be having a hell of a time despite the (at times) jarring swings between genres. Enjoy this small piece of Lotus history. Remastered from audience recording by Chris Kantner. - Jesse Miller


Travis 10/6/2020 3:50:12 AM

"Really like the mellow rock IBM "


Setlist at Northstar Bar, Philadelphia, PA on Jan 28, 2005

Set One

2-Step Improvisation 561


Arupa 594


Something You Said 935


Fulafare 232


Greet the Mind 649


Mellow Rock IDM 457


Shimmer and Out 80


Flower Sermon 964


Set Two

Jack It Up 709


Did Fatt 791


Music for Mallets Winds and Percussion 566


Through the Mirror 446


Improvisation at 136bpm 573


Nematode 663


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