The Belly Up

Aspen, CO

Oct 30, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

(Recording note: Second set lost due to recording malfunction)

Saturday Night Fever Dream - band dressed is 70s disco inspired outfits and played remixed versions of music from the film Saturday Night Fever

I: Catacombs, Phantom Tooth > Stayin’ Alive > Phantom Tooth, Sift > Night Fever > Nematode, Condor

II: Neon Tubes, A Fifth of Beethoven, It’s All Clear to Me Now > How Deep is Your Love > Wax, Dowrn, Expired Slang > You Should Be Dancing > Expired Slang

E: Hammerstrike

Stayin' Alive, Night Fever, How Deep is Your Love and You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees, first time played

A Fifth of Beethoven - Walter Murphy, first time played

Photos: Chris Beikirch, multi-track mix by Jesse Miller


Andrew S 11/21/2022 3:09:40 PM

"RIP second set. Saturday night fever was absolute fire I bet 5th of beethtoven was great"

Toots McBoogie 11/5/2022 10:36:57 AM

"First belly up I’ve missed prob since they started playing there. Big mistake. Also that Walter Murphy jam, that apparently I’ll never get to hear, is my fav shit ever. Im devastated. First set was sweet "


Setlist at The Belly Up, Aspen, CO on Oct 30, 2022

Set One

Catacombs 733


Phantom Tooth 562


Stayin' Alive 394


Phantom Tooth 170


Sift 539


Night Fever 431


Nematode 762


Condor 516


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