The Joint

Las Vegas, NV

Jul 16, 2011

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About Formats
About Formats

Austin G 3/29/2013 12:22:44 PM

"It has been some time since I had the pleasure of seeing Lotus come on stage and warm us up at The Joint for WideSpreadPanic, but hearing a few of these tunes again takes me back. They did an excellent job, in my opinion, of playing to the crowd, with softer and more emotionally powerful songs such as Wooly Mammoth and Storefronts. But they also brought a bit of bounce with the Bush Pilot, an unexpected but still welcome change of pace. And who can argue with some favorite of Lotus tradition, that opening exploratory Spiritualize, or the sweet and sexy Sun/Sermon/Rain. A great show from both bands, but this was a combination I never expected to see at one venue in one night, and what a night did it make!"


Setlist at The Joint , Las Vegas, NV on Jul 16, 2011

Set One

Spiritualize 711


Wooly Mammoth 506


Bush Pilot 417


Behind Midwest Storefronts 346


Wax 715


Sunrain 336


Flower Sermon 522


Sunrain 128


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