Majestic Theatre

Ventura, CA

May 29, 2009

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • The first couple mintues of Hi and Lo are missing and this show is in mono due to technical errors.  We are offering this show at a discounted price.

Chappy67 6/30/2009 8:41:32 PM

"Additional comments: - Why is this show only 648 MB (FLAC)? A show of this length should be easily over 1 GB. - My 256 kbps MP3 files (purchased at the show) contain all of "Hi & Lo". I am baffled why the first few minutes have been omitted from this mono recording. Other than these 2 questions, I will repeat that this is a fantastic Quite possibly the best I've seen. It was a magical day roadtripping down to Ventura, followed by the drive back home to San Francisco for two more shows. This whole recent West Coast run was superb with stand-outs in Flagstaff, Ventura and Boise. Not a dud in the entire run. Go moe!"

gratefuldennis 6/30/2009 2:41:20 AM

"Warning! Do not listen to this show while operating machinery or driving. If you must drive have at least two friends with you to watch for things like red lights, pedestrians, other cars, slow moving giant purple tortoises, or juggling pranksters on unicycles. This was the best moe. show I have ever attended. The recording is so good I didn’t even notice it wasn’t in stereo. The boys were really enjoying themselves and so was the audience. They never cease to amaze me. The Majestic Ventura Theater is known around Southern California for its excellent sound and when you add moe. to that you get something that can only be described as magical. I am so glad they finally posted this show. "

Chappy67 6/29/2009 6:22:50 PM

"This does not look like a discounted price? Hope this gets squared away. Also, not sure what happened with the technical difficulties on multiple West Coast shows. Really a shame, because this Ventura show was top notch. The "San Ber'dino" was the highlight of an extremely well-balanced 1st set. The 2nd set boasted the rare "Roll" > "Armageddon Jig" > "Strychnine Waltz", but there were many highlights, especially the near 30 minute "Timmy Tucker". Just when I thought the set was going to be over, they busted into "The Pit" which is a personal favorite. Extremely well-executed show and creative setlist with the "Akimbo" sammich and split-up "The Road". Once the get the price lowered to $9.95 this should be a no-brainer purchase. "


Setlist at Majestic Theatre, Ventura, CA on May 29, 2009

Set One

Hi and Lo 768


Big World 556


Deep This Time 301


Water 551


Akimbo 689


Lost Along the Way 586


San Ber'dino 628


Akimbo 113


Set Two

The Road 234


Roll > Armageddon Jig 166


Strychnine Waltz 376


Timmy Tucker 1794


Buster 632


Down Boy 376


The Road 1096


The Pit 532



Banter 74


Wind It Up 826


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