Sonic Youth

Cabaret Metro

Chicago, IL

Nov 5, 1988

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About Formats
Show Notes

  • "In the autumn of '88 I was working in a record store that was part of the Cabaret Metro building, so when Daydream Nation came out, I was able to hear it right away. Maybe a day before the show, Nov.5th. I do remember taking it home and listening to it several times, something most of the audience did not have the privilege of doing. It was an exciting part of an exciting time in music, and this would be my fourth SY show (listen to Smart Bar Chicago 85 2xlp to witness my first SY show). I was 21 and well immersed in what was probably called alternative at the time, and I was seeing concerts almost every night. So much so that my primary recorder, a Sony D5, was out of commission. That night I used my trusty (but happily replaced) Marantz (PMD 420, if memory serves) with two TEAC mics - these were the same mics Nakamishi put their name on, so I considered them pretty good quality, and I could afford them. Metro had their soundboard in the balcony at the time, and it was easy for me to hang those mics over the audience, facing the stacks.  When SY took the stage it was of little surprise that they started with "Teenage Riot," but it was surprising when they continued to play nearly the whole album ("I Love Her All The Time" was the only older song played during the set). I thought it quite glorious having spent so much time with the record the night before, but I recall talking to friends after and hearing disappointment because they hadn't heard any of the songs before. No doubt that now, 30 years later, that they were very pleased to have been there. And now you can be there too, in the same way we can all live through concerts that may have happened well before we were born or cool enough (or old enough) to show up. It's hard for me to explain why I obsessively recorded the music I loved in the '80s, '90s, and oughts because I don't really know myself, but we can relish the results as those who care make gems from the archive available. Thank you for listening."
  • This show was recorded by Aadam Jacobs


Setlist at Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL on Nov 5, 1988

Set One

Intro 63


Teenage Riot 282


Hey Joni 271


The Wonder 276


Hyperstation 416


Cross the Breeze 391


Kissability 213


Candle 310


Eric's Trip 230


The Sprawl 420


I Love Her All the Time 411


Eliminator Jr. 165


Providence 70


Silver Rocket 305


I Wanna Be Your Dog 415


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