The Nth Power

Blue Nile

New Orleans, LA

Nov 13, 2012

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Before I Let Go - Maze ft. Frankie Beverly
Joy and Pain - Maze ft. Frankie Beverly
Feel - George Duke
110th Street - Bobby Womack
Getaway - Earth Wind & Fire
Spanish Joint - D’Angelo
Line up includes Nigel Hall, Bill Summers  

Notes from The Nth Power:  
This was our 'first' gig! Legendary New Orleans percussionist Bill Summers from the Headhunters sat in with us. We played this show while we were in town recording our debut EP Basic Minimum Skills Test. You can hear us working out some of the early versions of “Only You” and “Only Love.”



Setlist at Blue Nile, New Orleans, LA on Nov 13, 2012

Set One

Before I Let Go 428


Joy & Pain > Only You 1002


Feel 834


Only Love 732


Sometimes 176


110th Street 444


Getaway 572


Spanish Joint 642


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