The Nth Power


Burlington, VT

Jun 7, 2018

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Special guests include: Kofi Burbridge, Jennifer Hartswick, David Grippo, Brian McNamara
Notes From The Nth Power:
This show lives in both legend and lore. The late great Kofi Burbridge, Dave 'The Truth" Grippo, Jen Hartswick and Bryan Mcnamara joined us for a monstrous Steely Dan Tribute. Here you can see the show arranging capabilities featured in the medley choices. Kofi shines as a performer and spirit. 


Rest in Power 9/1/2022 5:07:45 PM

"Time traveler from 2022 coming to visit. Thank you to technology "

Tolan09 7/6/2022 11:24:46 PM

"I’m finding this gem as any good music fan finds a diamond. Lucky! Damn! Kofi, wow! I’m gonna have to listen to this multiple times. I know the other talent on this is incredible. Can’t believe I’m the 1st review. If you are reading this keep listening to badass music!"


Setlist at Nectar's, Burlington, VT on Jun 7, 2018

Set One

Peg > Black Cow > Kid Charlemagne 1406


Caves of Altamira > Deacon Blues > Home at Last > Reelin’ in The Years 2785


band introductions 305


The Fez > Do it Again > Aja 2690


Banter 141


Babylon Sisters 727


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