The Nth Power


Burlington, VT

Jun 7, 2018

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About Formats
Show Notes

Special guests include: Kofi Burbridge, Jennifer Hartswick, David Grippo, Brian McNamara
Notes From The Nth Power:
This show lives in both legend and lore. The late great Kofi Burbridge, Dave 'The Truth" Grippo, Jen Hartswick and Bryan Mcnamara joined us for a monstrous Steely Dan Tribute. Here you can see the show arranging capabilities featured in the medley choices. Kofi shines as a performer and spirit. 



Setlist at Nectar's, Burlington, VT on Jun 7, 2018

Set One

Peg > Black Cow > Kid Charlemagne 1406


Caves of Altamira > Deacon Blues > Home at Last > Reelin’ in The Years 2785


band introductions 305


The Fez > Do it Again > Aja 2690


Banter 141


Babylon Sisters 727


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