Daniel Donato

The Ramkat

Winston-Salem, NC

Oct 12, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats

Nameless cowboy 1/26/2023 5:19:46 AM

"Ghost riders in the sky is whoa!!! Give me all of this guys jams on a big dripping sandwich - love it!"

Where’s my Face 12/17/2022 9:35:34 AM

"These dudes can JAM! Highly recommend the listen"

BigWoolySamson 12/14/2022 12:26:40 PM

"Danny Diesel at it again. The spaced out laid back Double Exposure is vibing here. Weathervane has a Grateful Dead feel to it. More like Grateful Dan. Is Daniel using a Q Tron pedal like Jerry’s Mutron? Man it’s tasteful. What a jam. HOTTT. Great recording. "

Disco>diner 12/12/2022 4:58:33 PM

"This guy continues to grow and expand these songs in a really amazing way. I’m definitely on the Donato train! Keep ‘em coming and stop by Denver soon. It’s been a blast listening to the sound evolve since early this year."


Setlist at The Ramkat, Winston-Salem, NC on Oct 12, 2022

Set One

Yeehaw Check! 140


Lose Your Mind 213


Double Exposure 826


Another Dimension 239


Weathervane 740


Halfway 266


Half Moon Night 208


Arkansas Traveler 176


Ghost Riders In The Sky 596


Tumbling Tumbleweeds 98


Dance In The Desert 398


Horse With No Name 713


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