Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH

07/25/09 Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH


Set One

Brent Black 1105


Tubing the River Styx 159


  • $0.99
The Pit 429


  • $0.99
Crab Eyes 361


  • $0.99
Threw It All Away 545


  • $0.99
Funky Reuben 182


  • $0.99
Crab Eyes 376


  • $0.99
Captain America 572


  • $0.99
Happy Hour Hero 496


  • $0.99

Set Two

Plane Crash 1198


Spine of a Dog 312


  • $0.99
George 1497


The Road 326


  • $0.99
Blue Jeans Pizza 618


  • $0.99
The Road 716


  • $0.99


Reelin' In The Years 567


  • $0.99
Deep This Time 332


  • $0.99
Sensory Deprivation Bank 523


  • $0.99
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Show Notes
  • Captain America, Happy Hour Hero, The Road and Sensory Deprivation Bank with Nate Wilson on keys.
Reviews for this item

Ryan 10/18/2009 1:42:57 PM

"Me and my roaddog Starr thought it would be a great week to catch four nights in a row of jam band butter. Ratdog played the first two nights of this late July week with moe following with two shows of their own. The Ratdog scene and shows were so cheesy and bad. it's not 1957 people! Everyone was so fucked up and mean that we considered not going to moe at all after leaving early both nights at Ratdog. For us to leave a show says alot and we left Ratdog both nights. See Ya! moe rolled in on the 7/25/09 and kaboom! The most beautiful folks in the world decided to show up. To the stunning blondes in tiny bits of clothing, the inflatable guitar/saxaphone band and the hula hoop crew I thank ya' from the bottom of my heart; ya'll made my night. Showtime: moe showed up big right away. I loved the way Rob shook the floor of the Casino with his bass solo in Brent Black. Pit was awesome as was the Crab Eyes sandwhich. Once Nate Wilson showed up again as he did both nights in Boston we knew it was on. Captain America bleeds into HHH, noice! Setbreak was long and the tune-up once the lights dropped seemed even longer. I heard Mexico but got Plane Crash, sweet! It's all about placement people and Spine was perfctly placed. I usually somewhat dig it but tonight it made so much sense. I get it we don't get along, you say potato and I say three, I'm leaving you! Anyways, George was huge and was the peak of the night. Gorgeous people everywhere. I loved the chick in the white baggy shorts and big sunglasses. I seen you checking me, the next night too. George went on and on building a complex funk jam that had everyone going ballistic. The Road found Nate Wilson back in effect and Blow Job Pizza was the best meat to put inside The Road sandwhich, uhh! Na, Na, Na, Na! Encores:Reeling In The Years was perfect! I assumed it would be the only encore but we got a short but sweet Sensory Dep. bank and a quick run through J. I loved this show and thought it killed night two which I also dug but night one was just bomb, even set 1. Boom, Boom,>Funky Reuben>Bang, Bang! P.S- Strange wonderful and beautiful Meghan from Maine, get at me. I got lost somehow trying to find you. "

josh 8/28/2009 4:18:18 PM

"The first set is really lacking in energy without anything to speak of really, while the second set is sick, starting with george the show begins to swell and than ends to quickly, if they could display some of that energy in set one of the show than itwould be a four starer, i don't know why they need more time to warm up than other bands, they must need more of a soundcheck, because they are rusty as hell in there first sets"