Hampton Beach Casino

Hampton Beach, NH

Jul 26, 2009

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About Formats
About Formats

Larry Legend 8/8/2009 9:19:22 AM

" moe. always has a good time when they come to the Casino Ballroom in Hampton, and they love stretching out and playing a great show that starts off real mellow but builds gradually in intensity as the night goes on. the first set started with some crowd pleasers to appease the newbie moe fans but quickly dipped into territory uncharted, with an extended big world and down boy as well as a cool head which bled into interstellar overdrive and melted back into head to end the set. seems rather abbreviated by moe. standards the set did, which meant the second set must hold some surprises. given moe's propensity to abandon setlists, who knows? the second set started amongst scattered drunken woohoo's and the standard loud brash east coast greeting-- always an appreciative crowd. recreational chemistry was a great workout for al, who was waving his telecaster around to try and seemingly squeeze more emotion out of it during his long solo. following that was a song i had never heard live before and moth, another jam heavy crowd favorite that was kept in check. rise and wind it up were pleasant surprises and well played, but the rebubula to end the show was the coup de grace. clocking in at just under a half hour, the beginning of the song had a quirky jam attached to it, so i had thought orginally they may be leading into a mexico. again, i was presently surprised. excellent show and well worth the download. high energy. "


Setlist at Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH on Jul 26, 2009

Set One

She Sends Me 261


  • $0.99
The Ghost of Ralph's Mom 345


  • $0.99
Big World 817


Down Boy 750


Y.O.Y. 427


  • $0.99
Head 380


  • $0.99
Interstellar Overdrive 1012


Head 135


  • $0.99

Set Two

Recreational Chemistry 1523


Queen of Everything 712


  • $0.99
Moth 919


Cathedral 361


  • $0.99
Rise 753


Wind It Up 680


  • $0.99
Rebubula 1750



Banter 186


  • $0.99
Understand 383


  • $0.99

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