Michigan Lottery Ampitheatre

Sterling Heights, MI

Jul 30, 2019

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Partial show, full set is not available to stream or download.


Jim R. 1/22/2021 8:14:28 AM

"I was only there for moe. but enjoyed BT as well. The "Knocking" collab was the highlight for me though. I don't think many know about moe. much in the Midwest other than those who attend summer camp. Was my very first moe. show and they were awesome. Didn't love the seltlist but they did what they do and slayed every song they played. Hope to see a full show someday. Perhaps a road trip to NY since they don't do many Michigan shows. "

Don 1/10/2021 11:28:25 PM

"Was sad to see the people there specifically for blues traveler up and leave and see moe. up stage them unintentionally. I love BT one of my all time favorites but moe. was on fire this night. "


Setlist at Michigan Lottery Ampitheatre, Sterling Heights, MI on Jul 30, 2019

Set One

ZOZ 1233


Moth 866


Billy Goat 597


McBain 833


Big World 384


Farmer Ben 536


ZOZ 292


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