Point State Park

Pittsburgh, PA

Jun 6, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats

oh yeah, downtown not at point st park! 6/27/2008 8:48:27 PM

"forgot to mention that part- sorry! cool downtown setting, but not at point state park..."

heffe 6/27/2008 8:45:16 PM

"simply put, i wasn't sure what to expect heading to a jimless show, but i think the fellas were intent on making up for jim's absence - the night was really hot and so was the show! the jams here are amazing, al goofin around on his keyboard castle more than on recent tours, but also just a hot hot hot axe night, george being a particularly rip-roarin stomp. chuck's bullet was great too (and rob was really fired up - the band was just having tons of fun that night, and it showed). the road is not my favorite newer song, but here it made a great "sandwich" setup, the guys rollin into & back out of it 3 times..... even with a good taper version out there (thanks bean!!), this is definitely worth the download... grab it!"


Setlist at Point State Park, Pittsburgh, PA on Jun 6, 2008

Set One

The Road 543


Rise 660


Bullet 1114


Lazarus 680


Buster 1096


Cathedral 324


George 1507


The Road 201



Captain America 317


Seat of My Pants 735


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