The Mangy Moose

Jackson, WY

Jul 20, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats

gone2gamehenge 7/29/2008 12:33:07 PM

"This was a great show. By far the smallest venue i've ever seen moe. play in (1st saw moe. in 2002, and many times since). Sold out crowd of probably 400 people, and it was jammed and very loud (like we all like it). You could tell they were having a blast up there, smiles across the faces of the band and crowd. Really fun 1st set to get everyone moving Great Timmy Tucker>Bearsong to close the 1st set. 2nd set was HEAT. Capt. America was very good, and during the HUGE Bullet Chuck pulls some cymbals off of the wall of the bar/stage and uses them and tried to pull off an old Fender (also on the wall) HAHAHA. Bullet>TimmyTucker was a great segue (the crowd really loved it). I love when they break up Timmy Tucker over 2 sets. The Road>Time Ed> The Road is just plain ridiculous. Al turns into a "Guitar Hero" during Time Ed. He takes over the jam and takes it to some great places, as the jam gets tighter and tighter he moves to the front of the stage and precedes to lean into the crowd (literally was leaning just above the crowds arms and heads) and blow the faces off everybody on the floor. Really fun night with great energy. I highly recommend the dl."


Setlist at The Mangy Moose, Jackson, WY on Jul 20, 2008

Set One

St. Augustine 720


Understand 345


New York City 405


Lost Along the Way 656


Timmy Tucker 876


Bear Song 659


Set Two

Bring It Back Home 477


Captain America 408


Bullet 1394


Timmy Tucker 111


The Road 200


Time Ed 1322


The Road 221



Banter 183


Wicked Awesome 404


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