5 Points Music Sanctuary

Roanoke, VA

Mar 21, 2024

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About Formats
Show Notes

Sham Time - Eddie Harris

The Way You Do The Things You Do - The Temptations

FOH Matrix by Dhvanit "DP" Patel


207_Tuna 4/5/2024 9:00:08 AM

"This whole show is a highlight reel.  A+. 10/10.  No pauses in the action whatsoever.  Short on time?  Don't be.  If you really are - Hollywood is what you want. "The Way..." has some nice moments after the pace picks up.  Almost thought we were headed for the Other One there for a second, but I'm glad it didn't, because I really enjoyed the setup and transition into GITL.  Patient and deliberate (as always), there are some nice, whole-band moments in the last several minutes of this cover.  I'm always amazed at their ability to NAIL the transition.  Never a ripcord and never a miscue (at least to my ears).  Impressive. GITL has some great moments.  An overall cohessive jam, with each band member shining at some point.  Tune in for the weirdness at the end of this stellar jam.  Bleeds into some deep funk from Brian, Jordan, and Cory before a (almost jarring) drop into America.  Impressive. America is real good; different style of jam than usual. Hollywood felt like the culmination of what the night had lead up to at that point.  Great 1st jams and a monster 2nd set jam to start off.  Pure spacey funky blissy Spafford here.  An absolutely ridiculously heartfelt solo & peak by Brian (really - the whole band) is worth the price of admission alone.  The peak is followed by a perfect, slow transition into Reprise - lead melodically by Cory.  Impressive. Whoa.  Seven.  Haven't heard it shredded to pieces like this before. Brian meant business...Lookout!  (and if you didn't notice it by now - this should be your sign.  If they're murdering Seven in cold blood, you know they're on one.  Nothing is safe from the steamroller that is Spafford.  Crowd's reaction at the end says it all.  The band and the crowd have (and have always had) a symbiotic relationship.  The show is an ideal musical encompassment of that. A particularly firey doghouse > part ii closes out the night.  I swear, there were times during this show (second set particularly, 4th quarter specifically) where, if I'd just woken up from a 30 year coma, I'd swear I was listening to a certain blossiming band from Vermont.   We're witnessing history, folks.  Buckle up. "

Hitdog24 3/29/2024 5:46:36 AM

"America …. fuck Yeah !!!"

Brian. 3/23/2024 9:03:14 AM

"Sweet Svengali and 2001 teases at the end of Giants. Awesome show. "

JohnnyFresh 3/23/2024 8:11:52 AM

"I nominate this show for Wax Vol 3!"

EJ 3/23/2024 7:50:53 AM

"The slow, smooth funk seamlessly transititioning to rock 'n roll. Defining and redefining what a jam band is. Unbelievable."


Setlist at 5 Points Music Sanctuary, Roanoke, VA on Mar 21, 2024

Set One

Sham Time 427


The Way You Do The Things You Do 1149


Giants in the Light 1353


America 882


Set Two

Hollywood 1186


The Reprise 450


Seven 612


Doghouse 190


Part II 1113


The Remedy 990


Crowd 195



Shake You Loose 385


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