9:30 Club

Washington, DC

Jan 21, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Ruby Soho - Rancid

The Other One - Grateful Dead

FOH Matrix by Dhvanit "DP" Patel


Fipi 2/2/2023 8:57:13 AM

"Holy shit that second is straight FIRE!! They meant business! Some of the best jams to have ever blessed my ear holes. Just WOW. My face is melted on the floor. "

vapingbaby 1/24/2023 8:47:19 AM

"This show was so good my husband cried tears of joy multiple times. Been listening to Spafford for the last two years but this was my first show. The second set in particular was a heater, almost verging on Biscuits level untz at moments. First set grabbed right off the bat, although the composed segment of Diesel Driver continues to be a hard sell for me. Saw moe. the night before and thought they’d be a tough act to beat, but Spafford blew them the hell away. "

Quanky 1/23/2023 6:46:36 PM

"Damn, Spafford is on fire right now!!! Everything about this show is sick. "

Panicman 1/23/2023 2:50:09 PM

"Cory sounds great!!"

Mandi 1/23/2023 12:38:19 PM

"Probably the most fun I have ever had at a show in DC. Litz really set the mood and Spafford absolutely killed it. I had only caught them at festivals/ after parties and I am sold after this show. I was with quite a few folks who had never been to a Spafford show and were absolutely blown away. "


Setlist at 9:30 Club, Washington, DC on Jan 21, 2023

Set One

Electric Taco Stand 1024


Alternate Ending 801


Electric Taco Stand 527


Ruby Soho 147


Diesel Driver 1085


Salamander Song 694


Set Two

Dirtbath 309


The Waltz 926


Dirtbath 1728


The Other One 1728


Dirtbath 577


The Other One 570


The Evil 412


Banter 162



All In 1138


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