Blue Ocean Music Hall

Salisbury, MA

Jul 7, 2019

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About Formats
About Formats

Tuna 12/26/2023 7:32:18 PM

"I had the jam from Eyes stuck in my head,randomly, today. A true gem forgotten (at least by me) amidst perhaps their best single set of music, ever. The Eyes jam could be the centerpiece of a set all on its own. Factor in the other monster jams in the first set? Holy f'in Mackerel. "

bostonron 9/27/2022 6:31:16 PM

"Tuna nailed it. It was basically an intimate show for hardcore fans. Room was way less than 75 tho and that's including staff. I'm UPS and my route is actually Salisbury Beach. It was an incredible experience and an all time best show ever vibe. Band was loose coming off the Sinclair shows. Some all timers here "

Tuna 1/5/2022 1:44:52 PM

"Never miss a Sunday show. Maybe 200 people in the room? The first set contains 80 minutes of uninterrupted music. The Hollywood is the definition of collective consciousness. If you were there, you know."

Cptblackburn 5/16/2021 7:58:19 PM

"My first show!! Straight fire!!"

Zeiiiiigler 11/17/2020 12:56:35 PM

"Hot Fire"


Setlist at Blue Ocean Music Hall, Salisbury, MA on Jul 7, 2019

Set One

Comfortable 412


Virtual Bean Dip 1575


Hollywood 958


Eyes of the World 1122


Leave The Light On 1513


Set Two

It's A Bunch 1007


Minds Unchained 834


People 494


All In 1310


Legend 600



Sweet 443


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