Bruno's Cavern

Cave Junction, OR

Oct 27, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Cantaloupe Island: Herbie Hancock

Take A Picture: Filter

Down Under: Men At Work


Paul 11/7/2023 5:56:22 PM

"Yep Take a Picture jammed out is very cool "

207_Tuna 11/6/2023 8:15:04 AM

"Solid show start to finish. Highlights include: Take a Picture (first time jammed out?) Giants > Down Under And a Cory-lead peak (!!!) in Plans"

JF 11/5/2023 8:55:13 AM

"Cave Junction is a SUPER weird place for a run of shows, and it was pretty evident in this run. There was still some pretty amazing music made despite the tiny room and crowd. The deconstructed Take a Picture jam was superb and their take on Cantaloupe Island is superlative rage-funk-jazz. Always nice to see Spafford in a small room and I appreciate any time they come to the NW!"


Setlist at Bruno's Cavern, Cave Junction, OR on Oct 27, 2023

Set One

Shelter in Place 1192


Broken Wing 568


Cantaloupe Island 568


Take a Picture 1102


The Waltz 794


Set Two

Giants in the Light 1029


Down Under 887


Plans 1241


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