Frozen Dead Guy Days

Estes Park, CO

Mar 16, 2024

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About Formats
Show Notes

“Memphis In The Meantime” - John Hiatt

FOH Matrix by Ben Gartenstein


207_Tuna 4/3/2024 9:58:45 AM

"If you're gonna play a 1 set festival slot, this is how you do it. Strong versions of all songs. Plans got me moving. The wind down from Ginger into Postman is pillowy soft. Postman, btw, gets funky. Like 70s pr0n funky. Not just Brian either. JOR-DAMN!"

Brian 3/21/2024 9:35:40 AM

"Nice mix, this is the good stuff. Seems the result is even better when the mix is better, I think you guys need to dial in. Some shows are way better than others, maybe because of the mix on and off stage?."

octopusguy 3/20/2024 8:00:36 AM

"Lucky to be front and center for this. Took a little bit to get going but turns into typical spaff fire"


Setlist at Frozen Dead Guy Days, Estes Park, CO on Mar 16, 2024

Set One

Memphis in the Meantime 1039


Minds Unchained 783


Plans 1065


Ginger Stardust 560


The Postman 1291


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