Old Town Pub

Steamboat Springs, CO

Feb 22, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

“Pets” - Porn For Pyros, 

“Mad World” - Tears For Fears, 

FOH Matrix - Ben Gartenstein


207_Tuna 3/8/2024 8:18:16 AM

"TLDR:  Excellent start to Spaff Ski.  My highlights include Mind's, Galisteo (1st), and Pets.  You probably don't want to skip the Broken Wing, either. Fitting opener with some extra zest from Jordan.  B-wing flirts with some 12/8/23-esque sounds for a few minutes before a gradual and quasi-dark flow into Backdoor Funk.   Mind's Unchained breaks from the standard mold of starting the jam with some space/funk, developing a theme, bringing that theme to a roaring, blissful peak.  We still get the space, but mix in some darkness, but Brian still finds a theme to play on.  Cory and Jordan build a wall of sound around him and a stunning display of cohesiveness.  Nick provides the space and time for Brian, Cory, and Jordan to continue building that theme right up to the eventual peak. Galisteo Way gets outside it's standard box and into some darkness about 13 or so minutes in.  Another cohesive jam with all members listening and playing in accordance with what they hear their mates doing - not themselves - leading to a sweet, soulful peak before dropping into All In.   I've heard Cory place a few "Ring around the Rosie" teases in the past, but this is the first time I've heard him play (what I interpret to be) a Yarmouth Road (Mike Gordon) tease.  Listen for both during All In - first the Rosie, then later the Yarmouth. The jam out of Pets is a total dance party.  Cory and Jordan lead the way straight into Mad World. Great start to a great run! "

Eric 2/29/2024 9:52:40 AM

"This is one of those nights that can’t be recreated, the improv here is entirely unique to each…completely different from the typical structure of each (especially Galisteo Way but disregarding Broken Wing). Incredible start to Spaffski "


Setlist at Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, CO on Feb 22, 2024

Set One

Motel 6 472


Broken Wing 1655


Backdoor Funk 964


Mind's Unchained 1070


Set Two

Galisteo Way 1377


All In 1125


Galisteo Way 684


Pets 714


Mad World 452


Crowd 353



Skyline 330


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