Old Town Pub

Steamboat Springs, CO

Feb 23, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

“Sham Time” - Eddie Harris,

“The Way You Do The Things You Do” - The Temptations,

“Down Under” - Men At Work,

“Soul To Squeeze” - Red Hot Chili Peppers,

FOH Matrix by Ben Gartenstein


207_Tuna 3/8/2024 8:19:33 AM

"TLDR:  My highlights include Diesel Driver and Down Under, and Plans. On paper, the two sets strike me as a set from the Cory era, and a set before the Cory era.  In my ears - this is Spafford 2024. Diesel Driver delivers again.  Brian and Cory develop a nice theme and background pocket, if you will, with the time maintained by Nick.  Jordan uses this to create his own lead sound, resulting in slaptastic funk.  Nick eventually reduces himself to his hihat, before picking the pace up some upon return.  Sounds like we're headed ATW for a moment, and the peak from Brian might as well have been.  Blistering, relentless, and seamlessly right into Vape. Down Under gets interesting with some Nick effects, and Cory doing some "Tyler" jamming (see 6/12/23 BeeJam).  This leads to some filthy funk rhythm's from Brian, with Jordan going HAM underneath, and Cory adopting the piano for some jazz notes.  Eventually Brian's funk evolves to lead licks, as Cory evolves to the organ.  All while Nick drives them with his ride cymbol and aggressive fills.  After a refrain, there's a key (?) change to set up the eventual segue into Left on the Runway.  In between we get some nice, space-filled, soft, jazzy jamming.  Good display of patience here (shocker!). The song portion of Plans features Brian going absolutely ape s.  I  Hammer don't hurt 'em! America turns from funky space expedition to break-beat dance pants. This one takes an extended path to get to Reprise - much more so than other back-to-back pairings.  Nice tension and release from Brian before the final refrain in Reprise to close out the meat of the set/show."

Clifton Hangar 2/28/2024 8:47:29 PM

"OTP is my kinda place and this show is a great listen"

Eric 2/27/2024 4:52:57 PM

"DD > Vape is great and the off-the-cuff Down Under was an awesome thing to see but this night is all about that America > Reprise, damn "


Setlist at Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, CO on Feb 23, 2024

Set One

Sham Time 438


Diesel Driver 1192


Can't Find My Vape 321


The Way You Do The Things You Do 702


Down Under 1041


Left on the Runway 238


Set Two

Plans 1109


Doghouse 194


Part II 957


America 1122


The Reprise 538


Salamander Song 735


Crowd 378



Soul To Squeeze 275


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