Park City Music Hall

Bridgeport, CT

Aug 18, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes

“Anyone” - Demi Lovato

Multitrack mixed and mastered by Cory Schechtman


AJB - 9/1/2023 12:15:41 AM

"@CB - "Speaking of Corey, anyone else think he could be turned up in the mix? Especially in the live recordings… ???????" I agree 100%. Keys need to come up a bit and drums down. "

This show rips 8/31/2023 2:48:27 PM

"A hole in the fabric of space time. Listen to this heater right now!"

EJ 8/28/2023 3:39:53 PM

"Spaf has never been better. Hot damn. Can't wait until they get back out west!"

Larry R 8/28/2023 3:25:28 PM

"This is a show I wish I could’ve attended. Not sure how many times I’ve listened to this in the past 10 days but I can say more than 10. This is frickn funky jam at its best! Can’t get enough! "

CB 8/27/2023 5:55:30 PM

"Another killer show. I went the next day and they were ?? then too. Really been destroying since Corey showed up. Speaking of Corey, anyone else think he could be turned up in the mix? Especially in the live recordings… ???????"


Setlist at Park City Music Hall, Bridgeport, CT on Aug 18, 2023

Set One

Diana 314


Leave The Light On 1914


Double Time 792


Windmill 1581


Double Time 239


Set Two

Frog Gossip 374


Lonely 1230


Todd's Tots 959


Anyone 838


Todd's Tots 834



Ain't That Wrong 813


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