Public House

Crested Butte, CO

Feb 29, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

“Memphis In The Meantime” - John Hiatt

“Ice Cream” - Steve Kimock,       

“Cantaloupe Island” - Herbie Hancock,      

FOH Matrix by Ben Gartenstein


207_Tuna 3/22/2024 7:02:22 AM

"Noticeably less background noise (chompers) in this show vs. Steamboat.   Must listen:  Memphis, Diesel, Windmill, Red's.  This is the show of the run (to date) in terms of outsdtanding jams. Memphis in the Meantime:  a high-energy solo from Brian during the song proper sets the table nicely.  Nick is the engine powering this improvisational train, at least initially.  He sets the table nicely for Cory to throw out some of his signature melodies before Brian brings the band to a blissful, rowdy peak. I swear Jordan was setting up for Windmill - maybe it was originally on the first set card. Nick (and eventually) Jordan try steering the band towards Ice Cream, but Brian's not ready.  There's a few moments where you could have convinced me Nick was setting up Palisades or even The Other One.  In any case, Brian leads the way to another inspired peak - the 3rd of this version if you're keeping count - before dropping seamlessly into Ice Cream. A noteworthy Todds closes out the set.  This version pushes the bounds of the song slightly without going full type 2.   Diesel Driver is in the same vain - a really groovy jam that doesn't  ever break outside the songs structure.  This is not a knock, simply an (my) observation/interpretation.  Excellent Cory and Jordan in this version throughout.  Nick gets in on the improv himself on the back half and sets the table for both Brian and Cory to develop their melodies, while building his own.  Back half of this jam is actual candy.  YUM.   More of the same in Shelter in Place.  Spafford killing it?  I, for one, am stunned. The jam after the first chorus of Windmill is set up, tonally, by Jordan and especially Cory.  Once the table is set, Brian's ready to speak, and does so from the heart.  The first jam is full of emotional guitar playing that's enchanced exceptionally well by Nick.  After Empty Nights Chaotic Days it's standard fare - not a bad thing - you know the rest.  The first part alone puts this version in the upper echolon of Windmill's. Cory has now imprinted his own style on Red's Jam and it works really, really well.  He crushes this fun and exciting version. An ever-so-slightly up-tempo Mind's closes out this excellent show."

Chuck Spafford 3/8/2024 5:33:11 PM

"Probably my favorite Windmill ever"


Setlist at Public House, Crested Butte, CO on Feb 29, 2024

Set One

Memphis in the Meantime 1901


Ice Cream 676


Todd's Tots 1158


Set Two

Diesel Driver 1152


Shelter in Place 1287


Windmill 1105


Red's Jam 792


Mind's Unchained 827


Crowd 125



House On Cantaloupe Island 544


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