Public House

Crested Butte, CO

Mar 1, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

“Can’t Catch Me Now” - Olivia Rodrigo

“Sweet” - Gary Ukura

FOH Matrix by Ben Gartenstein


StrictlyGrizzness 3/28/2024 11:01:43 AM

"Cory with the SpottieOttieDopaliscious tease in ATW!"

207_Tuna 3/22/2024 7:05:04 AM

"My highlights include Back Door Funk, Pursuit, Soil, Ain't That Wrong. Also, I'd love to hear Fake the Fate more often, and this version is why. Bunch is a good opener, nice and jazzy.  Cory sets the tone on BDF right out of the gate on the jam - Brian picks up the theme and runs with it.  Nick and Jordan eventually push it into a up-tempo groove that hits all the right spots.   I personally prefer the OG version of Pursuit - both the song itself and the possibilities it opens for jamming.  However, this version gives you the Madness part up front, and the Trance part for the jam.  Maybe this becomes a thing, or maybe this was just to set up for the eventual bleed into Motel 6.  Either way, it's interesting and good.  Deep funk leads to break-beat dissonance and ultimately each and every band member firing on all their cylinders - individually and collectively.  The jam ends with some spirited and blissful peaky notes from Brian before melting into Motel 6. Well freaking done. Soil is the jam I was waiting for in Set 2 and it delivered.  This versions hits some really sweet rythmic strides and tight interplay between Cory and Brian. Sweet shines the spotlight on Cory in the jam section and he delivers(!) before Brian takes it back over. ATW is just unadultered filth.  Nothing left to say - go listen. "

EJ 3/3/2024 7:58:09 AM

"Damn. Spaf Ski is quite a gift. The boys are bringing the heat every night. Don't miss Fake the Fate on this one."

Jesse C 3/2/2024 11:22:15 AM

"?????? Extreme Heater here! Top Teir Show. Spafford is unstoppable right now ! The ENTIRE show is outstanding from start to finish but Soil and Ain't that Wrong are just a touch over the others..this show is a MUST LISTEN!??"


Setlist at Public House, Crested Butte, CO on Mar 1, 2024

Set One

It's A Bunch 1326


Backdoor Funk 1133


Pursuit of Madness 1215


Motel 6 460


Skyline 290


Set Two

Fake The Fate 1031


Can't Catch Me Now 327


Lovesick Melody 260


Soil 1116


Sweet 540


Ain't That Wrong 1421



Shake You Loose 380


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