Sierra Nevada Brewing

Mills River, NC

Nov 14, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats

207_Tuna 11/28/2023 8:52:55 AM

"If anyone was questioning whether or not Spafford is at their pinnacle this fall, all you need to do is listen to this show. Hollywood is the gem of the first set - a true type 2 exploration with two distinct halves of the song - but Cory's playing in Windmill made me appreciate him as a pianist (always did as a keys/synth player). Some really tender beauty from him early in the jam. Second set is where it's at. Eyes, All In, and Plans all push the boundaries of their structure while remaining within the songs overall context. There are some incredible moments, from all 4 guys, within each song. Most noteworthy to my ears was Jordan during the first Eyes, and the overall patience during the segue into All In. They could have moved to it 2-3 minutes earlier than they did, but patience prevailed. And it was worth it. Brian brings his solo to an absolute 11 before the finally segue. 10/10 show from a 10/10 band. If you don't have a ticket to one of their upcoming shows, what are you even doing?!"

Spafford 11/15/2023 12:09:46 PM

"I agree, but I also feel this band is always locked in. I can't think of the last bad show I've heard. People say I am crazy, but they are the best JAMBAND touring..."

Podd Tadre 11/15/2023 8:52:14 AM

"Absolute heater. Band is locked in here. "


Setlist at Sierra Nevada Brewing, Mills River, NC on Nov 14, 2023

Set One

All My Friends 140


Bee Jam 721


Hollywood 1674


Windmill 1142


Set Two

In the Eyes of Thieves 1384


All In 1241


In the Eyes of Thieves 635


Plans 1181


Crowd 74



Banter 266


Shake You Loose 422


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